Sunday, September 1, 2013

and away we go

This is me in my safe, happy place.
Here's the deal. Today is September 1. September 30th is my 30th birthday. This seems like sort of a big deal, and the kind of thing that could potentially bum a girl out. Especially a girl who's single and still trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. So, in an effort to make the most of this final month of my twenties AND keep a positive spin on things, I made a to-do list (what? making to-do lists is how I tackle all of life's problems).

It's sort of a bucket list for my twenties of things that are new, scary, and a little silly. There are 30 items on this list, so I'll be tackling one new, scary, silly thing per day from now until my birthday, and chronicling my adventures right here. The list has been made (although I will be keeping you, dear reader, in suspense by only revealing items as I check them off the list) but is subject to change. The idea is to keep things scary but safe, (mostly) legal, and not go broke as I enter my 30s. You can expect adventures around DC, culinary challenges, feats of physical fitness, and major wandering outside my comfort zone. It will be fun!

I hope this first one doesn't seem like a cop out, but I'm counting starting this blog as item #1. I'll be sharing some personal details, and admitting to some ridiculous fears and anxieties all out in public for the whole world to read about. Plus I've always wanted to try to keep a blog going for more than three days, so this will be an exercise in commitment - probably a good thing for a 30-something to be capable of, right?

Oh, and since it's 2013 and this is what we do, I'm hashtagging this whole thing #30til30

So, cheer me on, Internets, I'm turning 30 and trying not to be scared of it!

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