Saturday, March 29, 2014


Well, it seems that I left things a bit unfinished here. Did you miss me?

Truth be told, signing on for 30 things in 30 days was a bit ambitious of me. But I did accomplish one more big, scary thing back in September that I didn't ever document here.

I quit my job and started a new one. Okay, so that's not as scary as quitting my job and starting up some new business or quitting my job and moving to Paris.

But it was still terrifying.

I left behind three years of friendships, accomplishments, systems I had helped create and maintain, projects I had started but not yet finished. And as much as I knew the time was right for me to leave and the new job was a great opportunity, I struggled with guilt, confusion, and a good dose of fear. The job I left was, in fact, my first "real" job. And after three years I was comfortable there. Leaving meant stepping out of my comfort zone. Leaping out, actually.

The new job was a new position with the organization, one I would be (am, will be) responsible for shaping. Terrifying stuff.

So, needless to say, that took precedent over some of the other things I had planned.

I started the new job on October 1, my first full day as a thirty-something.

Oh, a quick note about my birthday party. I wasn't up for planning anything huge, so I invited some friends over for Cake & Champagne, a birthday tradition I plan to keep up for many, many years. About halfway through slicing and serving the cake (this one) my cake stand wobbled and the cake slid to the floor. After a moment of panic, my friends helped me pick the remains up (they stayed remarkably in tact) and continue slicing and serving. I guess being 30 makes it easier to laugh off near-disasters. And no one seemed to mind eating "floor cake" because I have the best friends ever.

There's still some things on my 30 til 30 list that I'd like to accomplish, so look for more updates here. Oh, and I've come up with a list of scary recipes to tackle, so I'll be documenting those as well (sourdough starter and bagel dough are on my kitchen counter as I type!


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